“The way we were” photograph taken the day I became engaged to my one and only

A reminder to friends and supporters that with in just a few weeks November 22nd, I will be hosting our Gala dinner at the Dorchester Hotel, the first fund raiser for Lasting Life the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy.
The event is called “Lasting Life Love Letters” and during the evening some very special guests will be reading a love letter that has over the years inspired and we will be treated to a few musical surprises. We look forward to a successful heart driven starry starry night.


Please see the Lasting Life website for full details: Tickets now SOLD OUT

At the Dorchester Hotel for team meet planning Lasting Life Love Letters our Gala dinner on 22nd November the journey has just begun



Saturday night, the official launch party of Lasting Life‬. Sir Benjamin Slade was our host and the dinner held at his magnificent home Maunsel‬ House in Somerset‬.

It was, for me, the most magical evening shared with many longtime friends and one I will long remember.


Friends of  Lasting Life The Simon MacCorkindale Legacy, at the launch party sharing an evening of love and light in the memory of one very special man and in his name, the beginning of a powerful project journey that’s only just begun. Thanks to all for the tangible magic in the room.

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I was in London yesterday for Voice Over work and lovely girlfriend Nikki with me. Took her to ‪Fortnum‬ and Masons for ‪afternoon‬ ‪‎tea‬.

The store and tea shop especially has a wonderful traditional feel, as if stepping back in time. Couldn’t help laughing when I looked at photos this morning and saw waiter in background scene stealing our photographic moment. Fabulous !!!

In London this week for fashion show at the Cafe Royal for Fifty Plus London Fashion Week. Great show put on by JD Williams fashion and great afternoon spent catching up with Jo Wood, Lizzie Cundy and Anthea Turner. Love Light and Laughter in the room, just what friends are for


On Valentine’s Day international actress and horse breeder Susan George is launching the charity so close to her heart. Susan lost her beloved husband 5 years ago to cancer and Lasting Life the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy will aim to fundraise for cancer, specific needs and RAFT a 25 year established organisation pioneering medical research and changing the lives of many. Susan’s said today “The words on the homepage of the website alongside a photograph of pebbles on a beach each one holding up another, are a symbol of and what is needed in crisis times and what Simon would wish me to do in his name.”

International actress, photographer and champion Arabian horse breeder, Susan George is launching a new charity fund in honour of her late husband, Simon MacCorkindale, who died from cancer in 2010.

It has long been Susan’s dream to establish ‘Lasting Life – the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy’, a collaboration with award winning charity, RAFT (Restoration of Function and Appearance Trust) a charity which provides ground-breaking treatments for people who’ve suffered severe burns or life-changing limb loss, birth defects or serious illnesses such as cancer or bone disease.

Lasting Life officially launched on Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14th February 2016. A celebration launch event will take place on Saturday 16th April at Maunsel House in Somerset, the historic estate of Sir Benjamin Slade.

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Spring Storm

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Oh my goodness, I knew weather wise we’d had an easier time in the West Country lately, that is until today.The winds have been incredible with icy rain blowing horizontally, the like of which I’ve never seen in the UK. Stud manager David and I with the help of his wife Elaine, brought all horses from the fields and they are now happily ensconced in the warm but first a roll in the indoor school.

I swear they were smiling as are we

12509191_949500831765407_1437882217329789619_nFirst week of the month had a meeting at the farm with friend Liz Brewer, founder of “Life after Breast Cancer” and Leonor Stjepic CEO of pioneering RAFT. It would take pages to explain just what this charity has achieved in its 25 years but it is inspirational.

RAFT is going to be the umbrella for the project closest to my heart, the realisation of “Lasting Life” the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy.

Today Liz and I had lunch with Sir Ben Slade at his magnificent Maunsel House in Somerset and he has kindly offered to host a dinner for the launch. There will be so much to share as this journey unfolds and it’s just the beginning…….

Thank You

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12549083_945492292166261_6024145257337249690_n 12491744_945492385499585_9042017408280913354_oThank you for all the wonderfully caring messages, to quote a song that I sang many years ago “little things mean a lot.” For those who met Tenor I know how he made an impression and touched hearts and for those who didn’t, I believe he still will from afar.

The house seems so quiet even with my gorgeous chatty collie, his presence so huge

Tenor MacCorkindale

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Life so often is a roller coaster ride many ups and many downs and importantly one keeps smiling through. Sadness for me personally over Christmas saying goodbye to my gorgeous Irish setter Tenor MacCorkindale, friend and soul mate for 13 wonderful years.

Feel young again my darling boy and run fast as you can to the safest of arms…

Christmas Message

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Yesterday wonderful foster mother to Ruby Djewel left Georgian Arabians for Dartmoor a sad but happy day. JP’s life to continue on her homeland moors and Ruby to begin a new journey growing up with her Arabian family. We are ever grateful to JP, a shining example for her Dartmoor breed. My picture shows JP, Ruby and her sister Dhakira on their last morning together

Charity dinner

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12341247_959702457447337_7300415776993548821_nParty last week for charity “Life after Breast Cancer” that I have become a committee member of to raise awareness. The evening was a great success for RAFTS Leonor Stjepic and “Life after Breast Cancer” fundraiser Liz Brewer. Dinner was at San Lorenzo’s a wonderfully familiar restaurant from days gone by and it was wonderful to see dear Lorenzo and his daughter Marina, so beautiful with her girls either side.

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