SEXY Susan George teams up with Peter Easy Rider Fonda in an action movie called Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Susan is Dirty Mary, a sexy, sensual girl caught up in the escapades of Crazy Larry, that’s Fonda, and his buddy played by Adam Roarke. The two men are racing enthusiasts and they extort 150,000 dollars from a supermarket owner (Roddy McDowall) so they can buy a first class racing car. They hold the owner’s wife and child hostage before making their getaway.

Susan George is the girlfriend who goes along for a ride in more ways than one. This speed-happy trio are chased by the law in a series of thrill-filled adventures.

Producer Norman Herman says: “There’s a stunt every five minutes.”

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Susan George

is Dirty Mary, an earthy character in a film called Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. Peter Fonda is Larry, a steel-nerved stock car racer turned outlaw. Mary goes along for the ride with Larry in more ways than one.

Does it seem odd to east an English girl as an American chick?

‘Why should it?’ says Susan. ‘I’ve had a lot of acting experience, 14 films and dozens of TV shows. I should be able to play an American. I’m used to acting with Americans anyway. I’ve acted with Telly Savalas,Charles Bronson, Dustin Hoffman.’

And at the moment Susan is making another film with an American co-star, Cliff Robertson. It is called Winter Rates, now in production at EMI Elstree Studios.

I play it clean says Dirty Mary
(alias Susan George)

To say that Susan George is one of Britain’s brightest young stars might seem to be a blinding glimpse of the obvious, but what else can one say about an actress with such a string of successes to her name at the age of 24, and who is equally in demand on both sides of the Atlantic? Chauvinistic Hollywood columnists don’t as a rule care for English actresses playing American girl roles, but they gave unstinted praise for Susan’s performance in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Terrific’ was how one Hollywood writer described her portrayal, adding his praise for her handling of the American accent, which is always a touchy point with our American friends.

The key to her success lies, of course, in her ingrained, double-dyed professionalism. Susan was born in 1950 and made her film debut at the age of 10 with a brief appearance in a children’s film called Cup Fever. But it was when she reached the age of eleven-and-three-quarters that she was taught a lesson she has never forgotten. She was sent to audition to understudy one of the children in the stage version of The Sound Of Music, her agent drumming it into her that on no account was she to reveal her true age.

I went on the huge stage,’ she says, ‘and a voice boomed out from the back of the blackened stalls: “What is your name?” “Susan George, sir,” I replied. “How old are you, Susan George?” “Twelve, sir,” I fibbed, remembering what I’d been told. I sang my piece, waited around, and finally they told me the part was mine. I was more than thrilled and delighted, I was ecstatic – until the crunch came the following day when they discovered my real age.

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