National Hug Day

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Today apparently was National hug day. So give a hug to anyone who needs you to………….

Below one of my favourite photographs of my darling boy Tenor when he was a puppy and he first came home to Simon and I and our beautiful girl Skye

12509191_949500831765407_1437882217329789619_nFirst week of the month had a meeting at the farm with friend Liz Brewer, founder of “Life after Breast Cancer” and Leonor Stjepic CEO of pioneering RAFT. It would take pages to explain just what this charity has achieved in its 25 years but it is inspirational.

RAFT is going to be the umbrella for the project closest to my heart, the realisation of “Lasting Life” the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy.

Today Liz and I had lunch with Sir Ben Slade at his magnificent Maunsel House in Somerset and he has kindly offered to host a dinner for the launch. There will be so much to share as this journey unfolds and it’s just the beginning…….

Thank You

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12549083_945492292166261_6024145257337249690_n 12491744_945492385499585_9042017408280913354_oThank you for all the wonderfully caring messages, to quote a song that I sang many years ago “little things mean a lot.” For those who met Tenor I know how he made an impression and touched hearts and for those who didn’t, I believe he still will from afar.

The house seems so quiet even with my gorgeous chatty collie, his presence so huge

Tenor MacCorkindale

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Life so often is a roller coaster ride many ups and many downs and importantly one keeps smiling through. Sadness for me personally over Christmas saying goodbye to my gorgeous Irish setter Tenor MacCorkindale, friend and soul mate for 13 wonderful years.

Feel young again my darling boy and run fast as you can to the safest of arms…

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