10574249_693041524078007_749881782802593603_nReturned yesterday from an “extraordinary show” in Chantilly that will be remembered by everyone there for a long while I am sure. Especially, for the storm that arrived as senior mares entered the ring on Sunday for the championship.

We had high hopes for our gorgeous Amber Djewel who made a simply stunning entrance. Unfortunately, for our eyes only, as the judges were already hiding under umbrellas as the black cloud above us, seemed to burst. The intensity of wind and rain literally rocked the VIP marquee, as glasses and decorations flew off tables and a torrential downpour hit the ground. Everyone headed for cover. Once the storm blew over, calm resumed and so too the Championship and horses and trainers returned to the ring drenched. For the home team, I think the memory will always be the vision of Amber high blowing in trot, as the heavens opened!!! Apart from this act of nature, it was an exciting, well organised and successful show.

My thanks to the super team effort of Chris and Tom, helpers Jake and Joe and a special thanks to Frankie for all her hard work, looking after and preparing the girls.

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