Susan speaks again about loosing Simon and how she is coping with the loss

Everywhere around the house there are framed photos of her and Simon entwined in each other’s arms.

‘I feel as if it were only yesterday that he and I were sitting here together,’ she says. She stops and turns her head to gaze out of the window as her large blue eyes start to fill with tears.

Then, recovering her composure, she continues to talk about the loss of the love of her life. ‘I know Simon lives on with me in everything I do. I also know he’d never want it to be too much for me, because he had so much belief in me. Now my whole  purpose in life is to follow the dream  we both had. A lot of people expected  I wouldn’t carry on with the horses  after what happened. But I couldn’t stop.’

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  1. Jim Holley says:

    Susan, I can only say, I can relate to your loss, although, we each carry our grief differently, it is still grief and is still very difficult.
    Carrying on a dream built by two, even though one is gone is such a great tribute.
    I too, have lost my dearest friend, and only son, age 18 years, in 2004. My situation slightly different in that it was a horrific murder and the details are hair raising, but I commend you for continuing to follow your dreams. I am doing all I can to live as I am sure Ethan (my son) would appreciate, remembering him every day, and living by many ideals I saw in him in his everyday life. I am amazed at how much I was taught by such a young, bold, fearless young man, with a heart of gold and a never ending, unforgettable smile. I live each day with smiles, laughs and a happiness conveyed to others, am often asked how I can do this and my only answer is “because Ethan would expect no less”
    I will add, you are now, still and will always be one of the most beautiful women to have ever hit the screen, I have, I do, and will forever feel this way.
    Good luck in all you do, and remember, there are people that you will never know or meet, that really do care, more than you could imagine……….

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