Just had a beautiful 4 days at my farm with @olivianj after her successful UK tour. The best of family, the best of friends. Come back soon.

Saw @olivianj at the Albert Hall last night. It was a triumph of an evening and one I will long remember.

Olivia Concert

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With dearest friend @olivianj in Cardiff last night to see her opening show. Emotional, uplifting and fabulousBFFQfJDCUAQ_vH6


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BE73AwxCIAIzNlaThe Mail ‘Weekend” ran story today. Favourite pic with Stallion SG Imagine from @BrianArisPhoto that wasn’t used.

Susan speaks again about loosing Simon and how she is coping with the loss

Everywhere around the house there are framed photos of her and Simon entwined in each other’s arms.

‘I feel as if it were only yesterday that he and I were sitting here together,’ she says. She stops and turns her head to gaze out of the window as her large blue eyes start to fill with tears.

Then, recovering her composure, she continues to talk about the loss of the love of her life. ‘I know Simon lives on with me in everything I do. I also know he’d never want it to be too much for me, because he had so much belief in me. Now my whole  purpose in life is to follow the dream  we both had. A lot of people expected  I wouldn’t carry on with the horses  after what happened. But I couldn’t stop.’

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