Susan George, 58, opened her Georgian Arabians stud farm on Exmoor 15 years ago. She lives with her husband, actor Simon MacCorkindale.

As a child, I had an imaginary horse I took everywhere. I used to ride with my mother on riding school ponies, but I always dreamed of owning my own horse. When I became an actress, I relished any roles that involved riding. When a former boyfriend bought me a horse as a 23rd birthday present, it was the beginning of a great passion.

In the early Eighties I went to live in Hollywood. I was at the peak of my career. Then, many years later, I met my husband Simon and life was even more exciting. But after a while, the work offers started to become repetitive and I wasn’t willing to take acting jobs for the sake of it. I hankered after a ‘normal’ life.

Simon and I shared a dream of living in the country, so 15 years ago we moved back to the UK to buy a farm. We eventually settled in Exmoor, where I started breeding Arabian horses. It began with one mare and one foal and a love of animals – I now have over 50 horses and am a dedicated breeder.

The defining moment came when I was setting up for a show one night. The lorries’ lights were twinkling, illuminating the fields, and there was an air of excitement mixed with the beauty of the horses. I stood there thinking that this was everything I wanted.

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