I was a sexpot but now I’m more in love with horses than fame

THE UNEXPECTED, purrs Susan George. “Ah, yes, that’s what I love to aim for.” As she prepares for the opening night of her first photographic exhibition, the woman who, as a young actress shocked the world, appears to have achieved just that once again.

“Its not a conscious decision exactly. Instinct has always played a huge part in my life,” she says. “Just as I used my instinct in front of camera; just as I used my instinct for a character, I now use it as a photographer – knowing when to capture that moment before it passes.”

After more than a decade in Hollywood looking, mostly in vain, for work which could match her 1971 breakthrough role starring opposite Dustin Hoffman in Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs, her instinct told her she could find satisfaction in something else entirely.

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Pictured At Home With Her Magnificent Arabian Horses

Actress Susan George Reveals Why She Gave Up Hollywood For The Good Life

While Susan George remains firmly embedded in the nation’s psyche for her illustrious film career, these days the actress is more likely to to be found delivering foals than lines from a script

In a move that has taken her far from the bright lights of Hollywood, the Straw Dogs star now spends her time breeding Arabian horses at the farm she shares with her husband of 22 years, Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale. In turn, the magnificent animals have led to Susan’s inspired venture into photography.

So successful has she become in both her new fields that later this month, her dazzling work will become the first-ever photography exhibition to be held at the Petley Fine Art gallery in Mayfair.

Ever restless, Susan runs a hand through her blonde hair and lets out an infectious laugh. “I’m always desperate for a challenge,” she says with a smile. “Then once I achieve my goal, I have a habit of moving on to the next challenge straightaway.”

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