Susan GeorgeKeeping Up With The Georges!

Susan George has her hands full with her biggest production yet. What will the neighbours say? Photograph by Brian Aris

Bundles and bundles of joy-and all in her own back yard! “Seeing Kelly give birth to, all those puppies was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. Something I will always remember,” says Susan George. Praise indeed from the highly successful actress whose first film as a producer, Stealing Heaven, is doing brisk business.

Kelly is the three-year-old who’s been bounding around Susan’s country home in Berkshire, ever since the Irish setter was a playful pup of eight weeks. She came from Dorking, complete with an impressive pedigree, and when she gave birth it was a particularly moving moment for Susan.

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SUSAN GEORGE and husband Simon MacCorkindale have had their baptism of fire as film producers. Under their production banner, Amy International, named after the character Susan played in Straw Dogs, they gave themselves the immensely difficult challenge of putting on screen the love story of Abelard and Heloise, those 12th century lovers doomed to tragedy, in Stealing Heaven, The mixed reviews were the sort that makes one wonder why you had put in so much time and effort. But Susan and Simon didn’t sit back and wait for the critical outcome. They have already made their second film That Summer Of White Roses into which Susan has put herself alongside Tom Conti and Rod Steiger, a less ambitious project than Stealing Heaven.

I met Susan and Simon in London recently. First I spoke to Susan while Simon waited in another room.
Why did she want to become a movie producer? “Well for me” she began, “it’s evolution. It’s personal growth. I never believe in standing still. I’ve never waited for anything to come to me. I’ve always been a live-from-day-to-day person. It’s been my life. It’s the thing that makes me happiest. Not knowing what’s around the corner has always been part of my make up. About five years ago when we first decided to go into this, my career was going around in circles. I was being offered the same roles over and over again. I can’t bear people who whinge and whine about the lack of work, or the lack of good product. My answer is to get out and make it happen. So we decided to put the story of Abelard and Heloise on the screen. It’s never been filmed before.”

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