The Sex Symbol Who Became a Big Film Mogul

The new Susan George film, Stealing Heaven, which has just opened in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue, has one major difference from her other 30 or so films. It doesn’t have Susan George in it!

Susan has a simple answer for the apparent paradox: “I’m the executive producer. It’s the first film of our new production company – it’s amazing, but exhausting!”

The new company is Amy International, which Susan has set up with her actor husband Simon MacCorkindale. Susan, 38, made her name as Amy in the controversial film Straw Dogs, after which role the new film company is called.

Since then she’s often played the kind of sex symbol that won her the tag “the British Brigitte Bardot.”

And it’s taken all her optimistic determination to make the transition to film executive.

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Desperately seeking Susan

Susan GeorgeTHE wide hazel eyes are as brilliant as ever, the blonde hair which led to comparisons with Bardot still luxuriant, but these days Susan George has a new role — protector.

At 38, Susan has taken under her wing the talented young actress Kim Thomson, star of the new six million dollar film Stealing Heaven, the story of the doomed lovers Abelard and Heloise.

It is 28-year-old Kim’s first film and Susan’s first venture as a producer. The two women worked together for several months, and got on famously.

Amazingly Susan, who is married to actor Simon MacCorkindale, has just clocked up 20 years in the movie business, and her young protegee was eager to seek her help and advice.

So what tips could the star with 32 films behind her give to the younger girl just setting out on her career?

‘Decide whether you want to be a working actress or a film star,’ says Susan. ‘There is a big difference, and you have to make the clarification for yourself.’

What happens, then, If Kim’s private life becomes public? ‘I would encourage her to haye a great life and not worry about it,’ answers the star of Straw Dogs, who’s been dealt some cruel cards by gossip columns.

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Susan George

The sex symbol turns movie mogul

Actress Susan George has been ‘grown up’ for quite a few years now. Yet, despite the fact that she is happily married (to actor Simon MacCorkindale), and has matured into a well-known leading lady, many still associate her with her sexpot image of the late sixties.

Old images always seem to die hard, yet recently Ms. George has embarked on a new career, that of a producer with her own company, Amy International (named after the character she played in Straw Dogs).

With her first feature as a producer, Stealing Heaven, out on April 28.1 met her recently and talked to her about her new ‘career woman’ image.

Settling down over tea and scones, I first asked her if producing was a field she had always wanted to enter.

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