TV Times – 17-23rd November 1984

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Susan’s view of life

SHE MADE her television debut at the age of six in a Horlicks commercial and virtually never looked back after that. This week she stars, with Oliver Reed, in the 1981 film Venom on ITV.

Susan George is newly married to actor Simon MacCorkindale and says: ‘I’ve been very lucky to meet Simon. For me marriage is a very, very, big step. It’s the final commitment, if you like, and marrying Simon was a decision and a half. I want a lot from life and I love to be the centre of attention. I’m very outgoing, very sociable. I’m very romantic, too. I don’t think I’ll be a bossy wife. I want the man to be the leader.

I’d like children so that I pass on to them some of the love and devotion my parents gave me…’

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