SEXY Susan George teams up with Peter Easy Rider Fonda in an action movie called Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Susan is Dirty Mary, a sexy, sensual girl caught up in the escapades of Crazy Larry, that’s Fonda, and his buddy played by Adam Roarke. The two men are racing enthusiasts and they extort 150,000 dollars from a supermarket owner (Roddy McDowall) so they can buy a first class racing car. They hold the owner’s wife and child hostage before making their getaway.

Susan George is the girlfriend who goes along for a ride in more ways than one. This speed-happy trio are chased by the law in a series of thrill-filled adventures.

Producer Norman Herman says: “There’s a stunt every five minutes.”

This all-action drama is directed by John Hough who did such a fine job with The Legend Of Hell House.

Before starting her Dirty Mary role, Susan made a film with Telly Savalas called Sunny And Jed in which she played an American girl. She’s also an American sexpot in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry.

“Some people think it strange that John Hough and Norman Herman cast me in the role of Dirty Mary,” said Susan. “But when you analyse my background I’ve been acting for 17 of my 23 years I’ve done 14 films and dozens of TV shows. If I haven’t learned how to interpret an American girl of 20 by this time, I would think I should give it up —acting, I mean.”

We feel sure she will not regret making Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. As stunt coordinator Al Wyatt points out, “The audience is going to get thrills like never before.”

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