Susan GeorgeTwinky George discusses the permissive scene with Anthony Winston

Neatly attired in a mini-skirt and wearing long boots, Susan George looked radiant as ever. She has just reached the mature age of 19. But she seems admirably suited for her movie part of the rather precocious 16-year-old English schoolgirl Sybil Londonderry, better known to family and friends as Twinky.

“When I first read the script’ she says, ‘ I knew I was Twinky.”

It is a ‘tale of two cities’: London and New York. The young heroine meets a 58-year-old American writer, Scott Wardman, played by Charles Bronson, at a party in London and he quickly becomes the first man in her life. When her parents (Michael Craig and Honor Blackman) get to hear about it, the affair has gone pretty far (Twinky has rashly put down the details in her diary).

They are worried . . . not surprisingly. Despite their opposition, and although Scott himself is at first not too keen on a wedding the apparently ill-matched couple are married in Scotland, with help from grandfather Trevor Howard.

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