Susan George took me on a tour of her current home in the Hollywood Hills and discounted those rumours that she’s forsaken England for good. “I love England,” she told me, not without a trace of pride, “and nothing in the world would make me leave it permanently.” And just to make it feel a bit more like home, she flies the jolly old Union Jack from her rooftop. Before she returns to England at Christmas, she’ll be making another film here and recording a new song, with plans in the offing to record an album. I hadn’t heard her current song, presently in the top record charts, but across the kitchen table Susan perched on a chair and treated me to a rendering of three new songs she’d just scribbled into a notepad — and take it from me, the girl is loaded with talent. She writes beautiful, sensitive words, and in particular I loved a song called “Romance”. If she ever decides to record it, I’m certain the song will be a winner.

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