Susan George: “I’m No Walking Stick!”

For all the male fans of the sultry SUSAN GEORGE, beware of a woman who loves deeply—but has a career drive that is as strong as any man. SUSAN, who drives men wild in A Small Town In Texas with her seductive ways, has finally broken up with JACK JONES. It was not an easy decision for SUSAN but one she had to make as do many other actresses in order to pursue their careers. SUSAN admitted: “I didn’t work much during my four years with JACK JONES. Being with him was what was important to me. I will certainly always love him. But with him there was no way I could not sacrifice my career. Now my old career drive is into focus.” The ending of that relationship was very hard on SUSAN: “After I broke with JONES, I thought I’d had a limb removed. I hit rock bottom, driving around with my dog in the back of the car and a suitcase. I’ve discovered since then I’m really all right. I had let myself slip away until I didn’t know if I liked myself or not. Now I wake up and say, ‘Hey, I am a good person.’ I can discover now what I want to do. I’m no walking stick. It’s only added to my strength. But if I fell in love tomorrow, I would be more cautious, aware, and evaluate more.” A walking stick never—but don’t be too “cautious,” SUSAN. Many an actress has led a lonely life trying to curl up with only her press clippings to keep her warm!

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