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Desperately Seeking Susan

At the very mention of her old friend Prince Charles, sexy actress Susan George is likely to remain mysterious like the next whodunnit series of Cluedo in which she stars as the twice-married, twice-widowed and much courted society hostess, Mrs Peacock.

We’re at 17th Century Arley Hall in Cheshire where Susan is filming a new TV role for the six-part series which begins on Monday May 4, (ITV, 7pm). As the cast, including Tom Baker, Lewis Collins and Lysette Anthony (pictured right) revel in the fun of the TV murder game, Susan is still keeping quiet on the subject of royalty, despite one offer of a reported £500,000 to talk.

But the beautiful blonde has more immediate problems to cope with, like breaking a foot and spraining an ankle after falling down a flight of stairs at Arley Hall. “It was the high heels and a long skirt,” she says on return to the set after a week’s convalescing.

The star, noted for films like Straw Dogs, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Venom, is thrilled to be back in front of the cameras. For the past few years she’s been producing films, along with her husband actor Simon MacCorkindale. First came Stealing Heaven, a 12th Century love affair, then White Roses, starring Rod Steiger and Tom Conti, about Jewish refugees escaping the Nazis.

With their film company, Amy International, they now plan another film, about the life and disappearance of Lord Lucan.

She believes all this work has also stopped the couple from starting a family. “We became consumed in the films,” she says. “But that doesn’t mean the idea of babies has gone. I know time is running out but I’d still like children,” says the 41-year-old Susan.

But, back to the board game that became a series. Colonel Mustard (Lewis Collins) is getting suspiciously close to Miss Scarlett (Lysette Anthony). And in the kitchen Mrs White (Pam Ferris – Ma Larkin from The Darling Buds Of May) is cooking up a poisonous feast. Very soon, someone will be dead and it’s up to viewers to help sort out whodunnit?

Mrs Peacock is the proud owner of Arlington Grange, but she finds herself protecting her guests from suspicion of murder. The suspense is killing but as for finding out who the culprit is -we’ll just have wait and see!

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